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Giraffe Plush with Rattle

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Baby's first toy that awakens all their senses, very effective in relieving baby's gums during teething. This cute giraffe plush with rattle is perfect for stimulation, awakening baby's senses and encouraging movement. When baby wiggles his feet and hands, this pretty rattle makes little sounds. It is an ideal awakening toy to promote awakening, motor skills, the development of baby's senses while having fun.

With its whistle and pretty colors, it entertains and stimulates baby's hearing and sight and helps him understand the relationship between cause and effect. Lightweight, it is perfectly suited to baby's little hands, and its long legs and neck make it easy to grasp. Its softness, like its mother's skin, reassures baby and brings physiological and emotional reactions that will soothe it.


Material: Plush.
Dimensions: 28 x 6 x 12 cm