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Children's Ball Pool

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Ball pits offer babies and children multiple possibilities for games that stimulate them and develop their learning. Whether they are infants or slightly older children, they love the feeling of floating that a ball pit provides.

Watch children play in a ball pool and see how much fun they have. Ball pools are indeed play areas that bring children as much joy as many sensory-motor experiments that are very interesting for their development.

Children experience a variety of sensations, perceive their bodies in many positions, find different balances. They can move freely in all dimensions of space, drop, lie down, turn around, fall, jump, feel their body in motion. They experience particular sensations of envelopment and containment, of awareness of the limits of their skin and their body. These spaces filled with balls have been called swimming pools, no doubt because the sensations and movements they allow can be similar to what is experienced in water: fluidity, mobility, buoyancy, envelopment . The child can feel similar sensations there, he can play at diving, burying himself or letting himself be carried on a mobile ball carpet. He experiences different sensations of weight there, he plays with his balance.

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