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Puzzle Alphabet Numbers and Animals

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Learn the alphabet, maths, animals, fruits, shapes, colors to count while having fun. With this built-in puzzle, the little ones will learn the alphabet and numbers in the easiest and most fun way possible.

What better than a good game to motivate your child to learn numbers, letters of the alphabet, animals, fruits, colors etc? It's easier to learn while having fun, and never has that been truer than with the Montessori puzzle. You can carry out educational activities with your little one so that he can learn as many things as possible.

Who will catch the most fish? ThisMontessori puzzle promises great fishing trips. You will have to catch crab, turtle, fish, etc. with magnetic wooden fishing rods.


Educational games play a major role in child development. By practicing their ability to recognize numbers, shapes and colors, they will gain autonomy. Games for learning to read thus offer an essential playful approach to enable young and older children alike to increase their ability to think and memorize.

Improves the ability to concentrate and visual memory of children, who must pay attention to the image and remember where they must place each piece to build the puzzle.
Thus children observe and explore the world that surrounds them while retaining and organizing information. In addition, they train and develop attention and memory, essential for the acquisition of future learning.


Material: Wood
Age: 2+

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