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Child Domino Train

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A super fun game for your children, train lovers will be won over by the colorful dominoes. Push one and watch the chain effect of falling dominoes. The train automatically traces the path of the domino and simplifies the game. An interesting way to develop children's concentration, observation skills, hand-eye coordination skills, thinking skills and logic. They can put it together in different ways according to their imagination.


This game can increase the fun of parent-child interaction and emotion, and strengthen family bonding. Taking the time to play with your child has many benefits, both for him and for you. By playing together, you learn about his interests as well as what he is capable of and what challenges him. The game allows you to get to know your child better, to develop your bond with him and helps to enrich the bond that unites you. When you take part in his games, your child understands that you value what is important to him.

Age: 3 years and over

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